Hike the Catskills
Kaaterskill Falls
At 260 ft, Kaaterskill Falls is the highest water fall in New York State, and one of the most
popular hikes in the Catskill Mountains.  A relatively short hike coupled with a moderate
challenge and a wonderful waterfall at the end, this is the perfect place for a romantic hike
or to bring your family.  The kids will love swimming under the waterfall, parents will
appreciate the sites history and artists enjoy the challenge of painting the beautiful
waterfall.  This is a great place for anyone and hikers of most ability levels can make it to
the Kaaterskill Falls.  This is also a fantastic hike for traveler's from NYC on their last day
of a vacation as it takes about a 1.5 hours to complete the hike and is on the way back to
NYC from Hunter or Windham.

Keep in mind that these pictures are taken during the fall and although it is a fantastic time
to view Kaaterskill Falls, the best time is either during the Spring when there is twice as
much water flowing or during the summer, when the water flow will be low, but the
temperature of the water is warm enough to swim under the falls.  

History:  Kaaterskill Falls first became famous when Washington Irving mention them in his
famous story "Rip Van Winkle".  In October 1825, an intrigued Thomas Cole painted
Kaaterskill Falls, this painting eventually was published on the front of New York Evening
Post.  In 1852, Laural House was built above the falls.  Laural House stayed in operation
until 1963.  Many years past the Historic Catskill Mountain House and Hotel Kaaterskill.  
New York state aquired the property and eventually burned the Laural House in 1967.
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